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7 things every homeowner should consider before winter

on Wednesday, 09 November 2016. Posted in General, Blog, News, Home Improvement and Tradespeople, Advice

Look after your home! Spend a little now to save a lot later.

1 – Clear gutters (and downpipes)

2 – Work well with plumbers

3 - Only buy good quality logs

4 – Get your roof repaired before storms

5 – Get damaged or rotten fencing repaired or replaced before storms

6 – Service garden machinery

7 – Budget for your tax return



1 – Clear gutters (and downpipes)

Blocked gutters can lead to damp problems and damaged brickwork potentially causing thousands. An annual gutter clean of tree debris and moss helps prevent this problem.

Find recommended local gutter clearing companies here.


2 – Work well with plumbers

 CarlKnill Bathrooms Plumbing Exeter Reduced Again

Photo – Carl Knill of CK One Stop Plumbing Solutions, Exeter.  'He’s very very good. He’s reliable, organises jobs well, keeps to schedule and is good with his customers.'

Plumbers are very busy at this time of year – treat them with respect! Be prepared to be flexible as jobs can over-run. If you can be available at short notice make sure they are aware of this and you might get an earlier appointment. Encourage your plumber to be clear and honest about their availability. Keep them on their toes by making sure they know you got them from OurLocalExpert.

All plumbers in OurLocalExpert have been recommended by local people like YOU!


3 – Buy properly seasoned logs!

If you buy logs, make sure they are properly seasoned for a more efficient fire.

 Sidmouth Logs Honiton Firewood

Photo – Nick and Caroline from the excellent Devon Log Store, Branscombe.

Testimonial: ‘These are the best logs we've ever had. I didn't realise our woodburner could get so hot!’

Click here for businesses in OurLocalExpert who deliver logs in the local area, and pride themselves on the quality of their wood.


4 – Get your roof repaired before storms

If you know you’ve got a dodgy roof, give it some attention before the worst of the winter storms.

 RobinsBren GooglePortrait

Photo – Bren Robins Roofing, Exeter, recommended as Very pleasant, decent person who came for small repair on roof’.

Roofers are happy to take enquiries for smaller repair work over the winter – when it can be risky to replace whole roofs.

Find recommended local roofers here.


5 – Get damaged or rotten fencing repaired or replaced before storms

Hares Fencing

Photo - fencing by Hares Landscapes.

Fencing contactors in OurLocalExpert have been recommended for the quality of their work and their products. You get what you pay for, so make sure you understand the implications before trying to cut costs with cheaper products.

Find recommended local fencing installers by clicking here.


6 – Service garden machinery

Prolong the life of any expensive garden machinery by taking it to the doctor for some TLC. 

Garden Kit in Colaton Raleigh, East Devon were recommended because: 'the knowledge of the owners & staff and their willingness to help & give advice bowled me over.'

Find recommended local businesses for garden machinery by clicking here.


7 – Budget for your tax return.

...and you thought that Christmas was expensive! If you need the help of an expert, find recommended local tax advisers here.