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80% of businesses who feature with us renew every year, so we know it works.
...people seem to trust the fact that it gives recommendations.
Driveways and Landscaping specialist, Sidmouth
We’ve noticed the traffic to our website from yours
Restaurant Manager, Topsham
Your book is the only advertising that works for us, it's a lifesaver! When business was drying up due to the recession, we asked every new caller how they heard of us. 60% said it was through our feature with you.
Electrician, Exmouth


You must provide a quality service to our local readers, and hold the customer in the highest regard.

You are expected to provide references and testimonials, which will be checked. We exclude businesses where we receive feedback of poor quality work or poor service.

Please leave your contact details below, as well as the best time(s) to contact you. Note that you will be asked to provide contact details for three recent clients who will be contacted to prove the quality of your service and your workmanship.